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Recommended Reference / Further-Learning Resources


W3 Schools Python Syntax Tutorials

As a reference source for brief and clear summaries of different pieces of Python syntax, with interactive examples, we recommend using W3 School's Python tutorials.


Any problems you encounter which don't seem to have a trivial solution have probably been seen by someone else before - if you're lucky, they'll have posted about it on stackoverflow and gotten someone's advice.

Even experienced programmers often use stackoverflow to find solutions to bugs, and then simply copy-paste these into their own code. This is a bad idea - always try to understand the solution. Then if you encounter a similar problem in the future, or have to adjust the existing solution, you won't be at a complete loss.

Further Learning


Great Python 2 Course with plenty of exercises (there are some minor syntax differences between Python 2 and Python 3).

Harvard CS50

Much of this course is based on the materials used in Harvard's acclaimed CS50 course - these are available online and offer a lot of details which we omit.

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