Week 5

0 Finish last weeks stuff!

There were a lot of exercises last week, try and finish the for/while loop exercises before attempting this weeks material on functions (don't worry about completing the challenge problems though).

1 Fun with Functions

1.1 Maximal entertainment

Create a function which takes in a list and prints out the biggest value in the list (don't use pythons max() function!)


Instead, return the maximum value and print it outside of the function

1.2 Sum thing to do

Create a function which accepts a list of numbers and prints the sum of all the numbers


Get your function to return the average value in the list (You'll want to use len())

1.3 Developing a range of skills

Create a function which mimics the function of range(), by returning a list of integers from the minimum value to the maximum value - 1 (i.e. my_range(min, max))

Extension 1

Use default arguments such that if the "min" argument is not given, the function starts counting from zero

Extension 2

Try and implement the range function using recursion (you can use another function to do the actual list creation, if you like, so long as it uses recursion!)

2 Import-ant Syntax

Import the following two packages, renaming them, such that you can get the following code snippet to run:

  • Import "numpy", renamed to "np"

  • Import the "pyplot" module from the "matplotlib" package, renamed to "plt"

Then run:

# Scary block of awful code
plt.scatter([0.35 * (2/7) + 0.15, 0.5 - 0.35 * (2/7) ], [2, 2], c='b', marker='s', s=300 )
plt.scatter(0.325, 0.75, c='k', marker='^', s=150);l = np.arange(0.15, 0.51, 0.01)
plt.plot(l ,np.sin(np.linspace(np.pi, 2*np.pi, len(l))), c="r")
plt.axis('off');plt.margins(0.25);plt.title("?sracs eseht tog I woh wonk annaW"[::-1])

You'll know when it's working ;)

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